Track, Commit and Compare
All in one Figma Plugin.

Bridging the Communication Gap – A Figma Plugin Empowering Seamless Collaboration by Transparently Tracking and Communicating Design Changes.

Ease Tracking With
Fast Communication


Design with ease tracking your changes


No need to communicate with the designer for every change

Easily commit your changes
Easily commit your changes

With just a few clicks, designers can encapsulate their changes into concise and comprehensible commits, providing a clear snapshot of the design evolution.

  • Organized design history.
  • All changes are tracked and saved.
No need to for back and forth communication
No need to for back and forth communication

With this functionality, designers can precisely communicate their changes through the commit system, eliminating the need for prolonged discussions or repetitive explanations. The commit messages serve as a comprehensive and self-explanatory reference, enabling developers to quickly grasp the modifications without the necessity for continuous inquiries.

  • Embrace a more direct, clear, and time-effective collaboration
  • confident that the commit history effectively conveys the evolution of the project

Simple pricing, for everyone.

The fastes and easiest way to create website prototypes

Essentials to get started managing your services.


  • Free 100 commit messages
  • 1 page tracking
  • Email support

For even the biggest enterprise companies.


  • Unlimited commit messages
  • 5 page tracking
  • On-call/On-meeting support
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